Sheriff: Marijuana Legalization Will Change The Face Of Michigan

Marijuana legalization on the ballot in four states

Michigan Voters Legalize Marijuana

On the other hand, medical marijuana will have been made legal 33 times after the motions are passed in Missouri and Utah. Medical marijuana is legal in 31 states, as well as the nation's capital.

Cannabis stocks, already bolstered by wins in the midterm elections, got an added boost when anti-pot Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his resignation Wednesday afternoon.

Voters in Missouri and Utah also weighed in on propositions related to the legalization of marijuana, but their ballot measures pertained to medicinal use of the drug.

At some point, Congress will have to officially recognize what's going on by reconciling federal law, which still prohibits marijuana in any form for any goal, with state laws that tolerate medical or recreational use.

MI became the 10th USA state to legalize recreational pot use, according to CNN and advocates.

Ten days after that certification, people age 21 or older will be allowed to have, use and grow the drug, but the process of establishing regulations for its retail sale could take about two years.

The good news for anyone wanting to get high without breaking the law is that the medical marijuana regulatory system gives the state a head start.

MI now joins nine other states that have legalized marijuana for all uses: Washington, Colorado, California, Oregon, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada and Vermont. While branded Ontario Cannabis Stores have yet to materialize - they are expected in 2019 - Ontario residents looking to purchase government-sanctioned marijuana have done so online, a process complicated by Ontario Post strikes and sky-high demand.

According to Cowen Research Group, four states in particular look to have ample runway to legalize cannabis as they now have a Democratic Governor and support from either the state's House and/or Senate. Amendment 2 passed by a margin of 66 percent to 34 percent. Amendment 3 would allow doctors to prescribe weed, but would impose a 15-percent tax and ban home cultivation; and Proposition 3 would tax marijuana at 2 percent and set a list of qualifying conditions. If the bill passes, Mexico will become one of the world's most populous countries to legalize marijuana alongside Canada, who opened its doors for business on October 17, 2018.

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