Samsung’s One UI update brings a minimal, focused interface to Android

Samsung foldable display smartphone

Royole Releases the World’s First Commercial Foldable Smartphone

Lee Kyeong-tae, Samsung vice president for mobile communication, said last week the phone's user interface will be unveiled at an annual conference for app developers which will take place in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Here are some photos, then head here to get signed up to try One UI on your own select Galaxy device. Here comes the biggest advantage of such a design compared to today's "all-screen" phone designs, be they notch-y, slide-y or with trimmed bezels - the Infinity Flex Display will take about half the space when shut.

Samsung is planning to revolutionise the smartphone industry - and notched displays could be first on the chopping block. That feat could make the devices more versatile for work and pleasure, by increasing screen space to the size of a mini-tablet and fold like a wallet so they can revert to the size of regular phones. The company's prototype device also has a screen on one of its outer faces for use when the full-size internal display isn't needed or practical. "We rethought the anatomy of a smartphone display". But as of right now, those enhancements are mostly just guidance for developers to start using already-existing features that are built into Android.

High price tags are expected to prevent foldable phones from immediately becoming big hits, and some analysts doubt there is huge appetite for such products.

Still, even with just a quick glance, Samsung's Infinity Flex Display looked significantly more polished and consumer ready than things like the recently announced Royole FlexPai.

We also now know that the phone can be folded "hundred of thousands of times" without getting damaged, and that the screen, when unfolded, measures 7.3-inches.

After years of rumors and speculation, Samsung finally revealed its foldable phone concept.

Other foldable-screen phones running on Google's Android software are expected to be available, too. The company has updated its Facebook profile picture with an image housing a folded Samsung logo.

It's about time for something new in phones.

Samsung Galaxy Note: Although not the first "phablet", the handset proved there was demand for a 5+ inch display, despite claims it was "comically huge".

The conference will take place in San Francisco over two days: November 7 and November 8.

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