Amazon to split 'HQ2' base across two different cities

Credit CBS3

Credit CBS3

An Amazon spokesperson declined to comment about the company's plans. It could also give the company greater leverage in negotiating tax incentives, experts said.

The day after Amazon announced its search in September 2017, I predicted Boston would not get it. Then the New York Times confirmed the WSJ's scoop and added that New York City and a suburb of Washington, D.C., would get the highly sought after offices. Cuomo offered to travel to Amazon's Seattle hometown to continue talks, the source said.

The business publication says Amazon may make the announcement this week. About 40 percent of people over 25 in the Long Island City area have a bachelor's or higher degree, slightly above the citywide rate, the Furman Center's data shows.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon plans to split its HQ2 evenly between two of the biggest metropolitan areas on the East Coast: Crystal City, Virginia (right across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.) and none other than New York City.

The split of the second headquarters dilutes the company's original promise of a megadeal, which cities and counties had been chasing with stunts and gimmicks, investing thousands of dollars in websites and presentations.

The Journal then reported Sunday that Amazon was talking with several cities, including suburban Washington, Dallas and NY. But building a new city around a single employer risks creating a community that will collapse if the employer ever pulls out.

The Wall Street Journal broke the news over the weekend that Amazon entered into "late-stage talks" with three locations - Dallas, Texas; Arlington, Va.; and New York City.

If Amazon goes ahead with two new sites, it is unclear whether the company would refer to both locations as headquarters or if they would amount to large satellite offices.

But now it seems like Amazon was just being the power-playing and conniving capitalists that Seattleites already know the company for. That's expected to increase as it builds more warehouses across the country to keep up with online orders. Neither location will be anywhere close to equal to Seattle, where Amazon says it now has more than 40,000 employees and has made $3.7 billion in capital investment.

"I call those branch offices-that would be good news", Durkan said. And some tech workers are unlikely to want to live in a sanitized neighborhood with no history or restaurants and stores that have opened organically rather than by design, though Sperling argues that the lack of a commute and a lower cost of living could tempt employees.

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