Vote early for midterm election this weekend

Early voter turnout strong across state

DECISION 2018: Early Voting Shows Republicans Out Voting Democrats

In Rockford, 6,735 votes had been cast through noon Thursday, said Stacy Bixby, executive director of the Rockford Board of Elections.

In Mecklenburg County, Michael Dickerson, director of the Board of Elections expects the early voting numbers to double 2014's by Saturday.

In all of the key states NBC News has been following, early vote counts for so far this year (Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Montana, Nevada, Tennessee and Texas), the six-day-out total is higher in than it was in 2014. There are several early voting sites across Chicago, suburban Cook County and the area's suburban counties.

Polls across the commonwealth open at 6 a.m. on Election Day and will remain open until 6 p.m.

Locations to vote in Wylie are First Baptist Church, 100 N. First Street; Smith Library, 300 Country Club Road; and Southfork Mobile Home Park, 216 Southfork Blvd. Voters must be already registered to cast a ballot on Tuesday.

Every county tracks vote-by-mail ballots.

By the end of Thursday, the Harris County Clerk's Office reported 64,343 ballots had been cast, with another 3,656 arriving by mail, bringing the total to 755,877, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Walk-in absentee voters have been running in line with a presidential election year, Schumacher said, although mail in ballots not so much.

What advantages, if any, high early voting turnout will give to the candidates is unclear. County officials say they lack the money to make the necessary changes to comply with the ADA. They also worry about low turnout among Hispanics, who represent 60 percent of Dodge City's population.

The surge is due in large part to an increase in overall voter registration. In 2010, 33 percent of ballots were returned; in 2006 32 percent came in and in 2002 30 percent were.

It also contains special protections for the rights of voters, and provides that they can vote free from acts that intimidate or harass them.

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