Broncos’ Von Miller Reacts To Demaryius Thomas Trade With Comical Sadness

Fantasy Football Demaryius Thomas Trade to Houston Opens Big Opportunity for Courtland Sutton

Fantasy Football Demaryius Thomas Trade to Houston Opens Big Opportunity for Courtland Sutton

The Denver Broncos have parted ways with one of its most prolific wide receivers in franchise history, shipping Demaryius Thomas to the Houston Texans ahead of Tuesday's National Football League trade deadline. For Denver, which reportedly had been looking to deal Thomas for weeks amid the emergence of rookie receiver Courtland Sutton, it's a way to gain draft capital in exchange for what had become an expendable player.

Thomas has 402 receiving yards and three touchdowns in eight games this season with the Broncos. But his hefty salary-cap figure for 2019 ($17.533 million in what is the previous year of his deal) and the emergence of rookie Courtland Sutton as a big-play threat had raised the possibility of Thomas being shipped elsewhere.

Houston will face the Broncos in Denver on Sunday.

Thomas was drafted by the Broncos with the 22nd overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Miller wasn't the only one in Denver who publicly lamented Thomas' trade to Houston.

Thomas, of course, was on the hook for $8.5 million this season ($4.5 million of which will be picked up by the Texans), and has a non-guaranteed $14 million base salary for the 2019 season. One ancillary benefit of this trade is that the Texans just so happen to be playing the Broncos this weekend, which helps in two ways.

In Philadelphia's case, the reigning Super Bowl champs will be giving up a third-round pick, according to ESPN, for the ninth-year standout, who had caught 44 passes for 517 yards this year. If you're a Texans fan, long term, perhaps the best part of this deal is that it shows that Brian Gaine is willing to play in that draft-equity-for-current-asset space, and that he isn't afraid to make bold moves to make the team better now. "Sutton and Thomas are both 6'3", further proving that Sutton may be Thomas 2.0.

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