Guide: Red Dead Redemption 2 - How to Upgrade Camp

How do you fast travel in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Red Dead Redemption 2 finally launches on Xbox One

The app connects with your Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Xbox One, shows you the game's map and lets you mark places you'd like to check out, the game's maker said Tuesday in a blog post.

Rockstar's companion app for Red Dead Redemption 2 seems to contain references to a PC version of the game, as RockstarIntel reports. In fact, with its languid pace, borderland bleakness, turn-of-the-century winds-of-change storyline and obsessive equine detail, it felt more like being in...

To unlock the cheat codes, players need to either progress deep enough into the game's main storyline or purchase newspapers from vendors found around the game world. There are some restrictions for fast traveling on the map in Red Dead Redemption 2.

One thing to note is that Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App may only be compatible with smartphones right now, with multiple users voicing their concerns through reviews that the app refuses to download or launch on tablets.

Unlike more traditional cheat codes, these don't come via a series of button presses in a unique order but instead as a wise old saying, entered after pressing Triangle or Y in the Settings section of the pause menu.

Among the best are "You Flourish Before You Die" which refills health, stamina and dead eye bars.

Is there a way, perhaps of using your next interviews with any publisher/developer to raise this issue again?

Simple and straightforward enough.

PARAM_DX11Use8BitTargets - Probably due to Xbox One. If you want to try before you buy you can use the Unlock All Camp Upgrades Cheat Code that we just discovered. This means that you'll be filling up the money box more quickly, and it's great in the long run.

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