Fully bezel-less Samsung Galaxy S10, ‘Winner’ foldable smartphone under works

Samsung's folding phone WILL go on sale next year along with a notchless Galaxy S10

Samsung planning three Galaxy S10 variants, one foldable phone for 2019

According to Bloomberg, Samsung is said to be in talks with USA mobile retailer, Verizon Communications to unveil Galaxy S10 with a fifth-generation wireless chipset in the US.

According to industry sources on Sunday, Samsung plans to roll out a 5G version of the Galaxy S10.

According to the report, the standard S10 - now codenamed "Beyond" - will feature a curved OLED screen, rounded corners, and "almost no bezel at the top and bottom". The standard version of the device with a code name Beyond will receive a display size of about 5.8 inches, curving on the sides of the case.

The expensive models will reportedly boast a curved OLED display and a front-facing camera that will be "visible and tucked under the screen", but the report doesn't go into any specific detail on what that means.

Kim also says the new model likely won't have a fingerprint sensor and might use a smaller battery than other flagships due to weight concerns.

Aside from that, Samsung said that it anticipates LPDDR5 RAM to come to its smartphones in 2020.

It would also have a four-inch screen on the outside so that users can check their messages and notifications without having to flip it open.

Samsung is apparently still unsure whether the device will fold out vertically or horizontally, which is hard to believe as Samsung has suggested that the device would be presented at its developer conference next month. As per the report, the display is coated with a film that is basically used in photography. So, the report says that Google is now developing a special version of its Android OS that will be fully compatible with Galaxy F. Apparently, Google believes that Samsung's device may rival Apple's iPhone juggernaut.

It is a change in Samsung's marketing strategy as they are looking to boost their phone sales in two of the biggest countries India and China. Sources say the screen can shatter quite dramatically when it does fail. That said, there's a chance that Note 10 might carry this design with Samsung's iconic infinite display. It is likely the Samsung foldable phone will hit the market in the middle of 2019, although since the device has been in development for so long, it's possible we could need to wait even longer than that.

In the meantime, analysts predict Samsung will have a lot to prove with the folding phone, especially as rivals like Apple and Chinese smartphone makers have expressed interest in building similar models.

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