Saudis may have used body double to impersonate Khashoggi after his killing

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Alleged Saudi decoy wore Khashoggi's clothes, CNN reports

Riyadh said on Saturday that Khashoggi, a former regime insider turned dissident, died during a "brawl" inside the consulate after a visit on October 2 to get documents.

The Trump administration has "its eyes wide open" about what happened to a dead Washington Post columnist who was killed inside a Saudi diplomatic facility in Turkey, White House adviser Jared Kushner said Monday.

A man appearing to wear Jamal Khashoggi's clothes can be seen on surveillance video leaving the Saudi consulate in Istanbul after the journalist was killed there, according to newly leaked surveillance footage.

This comes as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is planning to travel to the Saudi capital Riyadh this week, where he'll meet with senior Saudi officials at an anti-terrorism center run jointly by the USA and Saudi Arabia.

Trump praised the speed with which the results of the preliminary investigation were issued and said he would speak to the Crown Prince soon.

He also dismissed claims of "bargaining" between Saudi Arabia and Turkey as "immoral".

Asked whether Germany would block the delivery of already approved arms exports, the minister said coalition partners would discuss this matter and announce a decision "very soon".

"We are faced with a situation in which it was a brutally planned (killing) and efforts were made to cover it up", Celik said. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir offered this account of the killing on Fox News.

Saudi Arabia says it has arrested 18 people, sacked two aides of Mohammed bin Salman and set up a body, under his leadership, to reform the intelligence agency following the incident.

This image, obtained by the Turkish broadcaster TRT World purportedly shows Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi before passing barriers that block the road leading to the Saudi consulate, in Istanbul.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the suspension of weapons sales to Saudi Arabia on the grounds that they can not be done under the "current circumstances", in reference to the Khashoggi case.

Turkish officials suspect Khashoggi was killed inside the consulate by Saudi agents and his body cut up.

Some top US lawmakers turned their ire on the crown prince and said they believed he ordered the killing.

The crown prince has "now crossed a line and there has to be a punishment and a price paid for that", Corker said.

New York Times Middle East correspondent Ben Hubbard told RNZ's Labour Day programme many western countries are sceptical about the Saudi version of events. Saudi Arabia so far has not acknowledged or explained Mutreb's presence in Istanbul - nor that a forensics and autopsy expert was also on hand for Khashoggi's arrival at the consulate.

According to the senior Saudi official, the Saudi team rolled up Khashoggi's body in a rug, took it out in a consular vehicle and handed it to a "local cooperator" for disposal.

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