Jamie Lee Curtis Explains Why Halloween’s Continuity Makes No Sense


Halloween review – a slasher classic you just can't kill off

It's also the biggest opening ever for a horror movie with a female lead and the biggest opening ever for a movie - any movie, horror or otherwise - with a female lead over the age of 55 (Curtis is 59). And while Carpenter had very little further involvement in the series, the movie's producers knew that in Michael Myers-aka the Shape--they had a classic horror villain, so the sequels, reboots, and remakes have kept on coming. The film is executive produced and scored by John Carpenter. It's the highest opening of her career, and that includes blockbusters like 1994's True Lies.

IGN awarded Halloween a 9.0, writing that Curtis "brings a fierce conviction and wounded humanity to her iconic scream queen role".

"Halloween" made a killing at the box office, prompting its star, Jamie Lee Curtis, to cut right to the horror movie's breakthroughs for women. At its best, Halloween is a #MeToo era salute to empowering victims of abuse, but it would appear to lack the strength to empower a franchise revival - that is, until the film's eye-catching success at the American box office changed the equation.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Curtis shared one of her biggest regrets with the franchise had something to do with another milestone film in the series, Halloween: H20, or Halloween: 20 Years Later.

Elsewhere, Fox Searchlight's "Can You Ever Forgive Me?", starring Melissa McCarthy, generated $150,000 when it opened in five locations, averaging a huge $30,000 per screen. "I had a 10-year run, stealing, conniving".

The daughter of legendary Hollywood stars Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh said she stole pills from family and friends, including her sister Kelly.

Meanwhile, "A Star Is Born" continues to drive fans to theatres, with a $19.3-million domestic take in its second weekend to secure the #2 spot in its third weekend, while "Venom" (also in its third week) is also going strong, taking the third-place spot with $19.3 million domestically.

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