Manhunt in Crimea for possible accomplice in school attack

Слідком РФ припускає що у керченського стрілка були посібники

Terror attack at Crimea college kills 10 after 'home-made bomb' is detonated

A teenage gunman shot dead at least 20 people and injured 40 more before killing himself at a technical college where he was a student in Russian-annexed Crimea.

After the attack, local officials declared a state of emergency on the Black Sea peninsula that Russian Federation annexed from Ukraine. "We simply do not understand", Crimean leader Sergei Aksyonov told journalists.

A second explosive device found among the possessions of the chief suspect in a deadly attack on a college in Crimea has been disarmed, said officials. Security camera footage aired by the Russian channel Ren-TV, showed him buying shotgun shells in store four days before the shooting. Fifty-three people were wounded, including 12 in serious condition, Crimean authorities said.

Around 20 people have been rushed to hospital by paramedics and doctors are expected around 50 more wounded.

The Investigative Committee said it was still working to establish the motive for the attack that recalled similar shooting sprees carried out by students in USA schools.

Witnesses to the melee revealed what they had seen to local reporters.

Putin said the tragedy in Kerch is a signal that the humanity is failing to adapt to new realities of the globalized world.

One of the girls who died, 16-year-old Darya Chegerest, known as "Dasha", "tried to help others" as the attack unfolded but was killed, her fellow first-year student Viktoria Voiko told AFP.

On Wednesday, members of the Russian parliament stood for a minute of silence during their session, and Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his condolences to the relatives of the victims of the "tragic event".

There seems to be some disbelief among Russian officials that the Kerch rampage could have been a lone wolf attack and not part of something broader and more directed.

Yet in comparison to the US, Russia has strict gun controls, and unlike the Columbine shooters, the Kerch shooter reportedly legally bought the gun he used.

"Civilians can own only hunting rifles and smooth-bore shotguns and must undergo significant background checks", AP points out. Sergey Aksyonov, the head of Crimea, said the gunman could not have organised the attack alone and investigators were looking into "who prepared him for this crime".

Local media reported that the explosion happened in the cafetaria, where an improvised explosive device (IED) allegedly went off.

State television suggested Ukrainian agents were to blame.

The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper quoted student Semyon Gavrilov as saying he fell asleep during a lecture and woke up to the sound of shooting. Later the young man committed suicide.

According to the RIA Novosti agency, security forces raided Roslyakov's family home following the killings. An 18-year-old student strode into his vocational school in Crimea, a hoodie covering his blond hair, then pulled out a shotgun and opened fire on Wednesday, killing scores of students and wounding dozens of others before killing himself.

The reported killer was a "student in the fourth year who was studying at the college".

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