Donald Trump Props Up Ted Cruz

Richard Linklater Livens Up Cruz-O'Rourke Race

Richard LInklater's new ad vs. Ted Cruz's White Castle love | Campaign Trail

He said that O'Rourke's election would lead to "two years of a partisan circus, shutting down the federal government in a witch hunt on the President".

"It's clear Congressman O'Rourke's pollsters have told him to come out on the attack", Cruz said.

On Tuesday, however, O'Rourke lambasted Cruz as a pawn of political action committees, urging voters to "follow the money" when analyzing the Republican senator's support of tax cuts, accusing him of contributing to income equality not seen since the Gilded Age.

O'Rourke "is not in the same league" as Cruz, Trump wrote, adding that Cruz has helped slash regulations and taxes and been a vigilant guardian of Second Amendment gun rights. And he sought to use the GOP president against Cruz, who clashed with Trump on the campaign trail in 2016. A debate that had been planned for September 30 in Houston was postponed amid the battle over Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, and it has not yet been rescheduled.

Cruz fired back repeatedly, casting O'Rourke as out of touch with the values of Texas voters during a free-swinging debate that turned personal over divisive issues such as healthcare, climate change and the possible impeachment of Trump. "Impeachment, much like an indictment, shows that there is enough there for the case to proceed", O'Rourke has said, "and at this point there is certainly enough there for the case to proceed". In addition to the Lyin' Ted moniker, Trump once said Cruz was "worse than Hillary [Clinton]", accused his father of being involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and threatened to "spill the beans" on the senator's wife.

O'Rourke said there needed to be a greater focus on screening methods for people entering the country, and hit Cruz for his vote against a permanent solution for Dreamers, recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Cruz has painted O'Rourke, who favors a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, opposes building a wall along the border with Mexico, and supports some gun-control measures, as too radical for Texas. Ted Cruz, who is in a tight Senate race against Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke.

"Really interesting to hear you talk about a partisan circus after your six years in the U.S. Senate", O'Rourke shot back, drawing laughs from the audience. "Listen if you have this special relationship with President Trump, then where is the result of that?" Most of the party's candidates for statewide office in Texas over the last two election cycles lost by margins of more than 20 percentage points. "He's dishonest", O'Rourke said. "I only represent the people of Texas". Do we choose fear, or do we choose hope?

"I'm against tariffs. I'm against the trade war", Cruz said.

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