Trump calls Elizabeth Warren ‘total fraud,’ offers to give DNA test himself

Trump rival takes up DNA test challenge - INTERNATIONAL

Trump calls Elizabeth Warren ‘total fraud,’ offers to give DNA test himself

The 69-year-old Warren, a leading progressive voice, has been derisively called "Pocahontas" by the President and accused of lying about her lineage in order to gain advantages in her career, including a plum teaching job at Harvard.

DNA tests are not typically used as evidence to determine tribal membership.

Pressed again if she made a mistake decades ago in listing herself in directories of minorities in academia, Warren emphasized she was thinking about her Native American ancestry, not any sort of claims to tribal citizenship, when she made those decisions. Deploying an obscenity, he added: "It's like Kool-Aid man saying, 'I don't actually care about Kool-Aid'".

Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. reacted to Warren's DNA results in a statement on Monday, saying, "Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong".

Warren acknowledged in a tweet Monday that DNA and family history have nothing to do with tribal affiliation or citizenship, which is determined by tribal nations.

An American senator's release of a DNA test in defence of her claims to Indigenous ancestry has been met with backlash on social media from Indigenous academics and artists in Canada.

She said she respects that distinction and doesn't list herself as Native American in the Senate.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning called Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., a "complete and total Fraud", opening a second day of sparring between the current White House occupant and a likely 2020 challenger over her Native American heritage.

Trump said on Monday, while touring damage of Hurricane Michael in Florida, that the promise was contingent on her winning the 2020 Democratic primary and debating him during the campaign, and that he would only pay up if he could test her DNA "personally". Warren's supporters were thrilled in 2016 when, despite her courtly professorial demeanor, she sounded willing to give as good as she got in her back-and-forth with Trump's smash mouth approach to politics.

Sinema also said that her state is the "meth lab of democracy".

In 1995, an article in the Harvard Crimson celebrated Warren as "Native American".

Warren's dramatic revelation was accompanied by a video and a fact-checking page on her website. If Trump knows anything, it's branding - and he had painted a big P (not for "president") in the middle of Warren's forehead.

Secondly, and with all the evidence proving the exact opposite, Warren still stands by her claim that her parents were forced to elope due to family strife over her mother being Indian. Elizabeth Warren can put her Native American heritage down for a nap - maybe. "It may soothe his ego - but it won't work". "Even they don't want her. Phony!"

She fired back at Trump within minutes: "You've lost a step, and in 21 days, you're going to lose Congress".

Trump has bucked decades of precedent by refusing to release the returns.

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