Indonesia limits foreign role in Sulawesi disaster relief

The quake’s epicentre was in the Bali Sea around 40km off the eastern end of Java island

Indonesia earthquake: Huge 6.0 magnitude rocks volcanic Java island

Quake and tsunami left more than 2,000 people dead in Central Sulawesi only less than two weeks ago and more than 550 killed in Lombok a month earlier.

With reports of smell of death still strong in the air, Nugroho said that efforts to retrieve decomposed bodies in deep, soft mud were getting tougher and that some people may have fled or been rescued and evacuated.

"Whether this will be extended will depend on the local capability and capacity to care for the displaced and other people affected", agency chief Willem Rampangilei told reporters, referring to the plan to end search operations on Thursday.

"Our work is able to continue there, because we have that team on the ground and they have that pre-existing relationship with the government".

Central Sulawesi Governor Longki Djanggola told reporters that the disaster relief period will continue until October 26 in order to rebuild infrastructure and help the more than 82,000 people displaced in the catastrophe.

The official death toll from the disaster has passed 2000, and as many as 5000 people are still unaccounted for.

Natural disaster survivors carry relief goods delivered by an Indonesian Army helicopter in Poroo, Central Sulawesi, Oct. 7, 2018. Killing at least 1763, more than 5,000 went missing.

A magnitude-7 natural disaster has hit Papua New Guinea.

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the spokesman of the National Disaster Management Agency, said that the death toll from the September 28 quake and tsunami has reached to 2,045 and over 10,000 people were injured.

The Sulawesi quake and tsunami were the worst natural disaster to have struck the country since the 2004 tsunami that hit Aceh, in the west of the archipelago, leaving 167,000 people dead. Possibly thousands more are buried in areas where the force of the quake liquefied the soil and sucked houses into the earth.

Indonesia is situated in the Ring of Fire, an area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean where many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur.

He said the region had recorded 508 aftershocks since the magnitude 7.5 natural disaster, which caused a giant wall of water that destroyed large swaths of land in Palu and surrounding areas.

BMKG head Dwikorita Karnawati told Agence France-Presse (AFP): "The quake didn't trigger any tsunami for sure".

Eko Joko, his wife and two children have been salvaging wood and metal to reconstruct their flattened beachfront shop-house. Tonny Akbar Mahendro said: "I felt it for about 10 seconds".

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