A Bell-Thomas swap between Steelers, Seahawks makes sense

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Le'Veon Bell remains away from the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are taking on the Baltimore Ravens on NBC's Sunday Night Football this evening.

This news comes on the heels of Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas losing his entire season to a broken leg after a contract dispute with the team.

"If he doesn't come, then he's not a team player. When I talk to them, I hope they get that side of it". As he left the field on a cart during Week 4, Thomas flipped the middle finger at his own sideline, a gesture of frustration after everything had gone exactly how he didn't want it to go. "Get right bro bro [Earl Thomas]!" Bell has been their workhorse tailback in the last few years as he has established himself as arguably the best running back in the league while being one of the primary factors in the offense.

On an Instagram post in which Seattle's Bobby Wagner wrote that Thomas had reason to be "p--ed off", Bell commented that he was willing to "continue to be the "bad guy" for ALL of us".

Thomas, 29, held out during the preseason after the Seahawks refused to meet his demands for a long-term contract extension or trade him.

The Steelers are exploring trade options for Bell, though Bell believes he can stay with the team. So Bell could sit out as long as he can without losing an accrued season, so that he can enter free agency this offseason. On Sunday, multiple reports indicated that the Steelers had begin to actively shop Bell around to other teams, possibly seeking at least a second-round draft pick and a good player in exchange for the three-time Pro Bowler. The trick now would be to figure out who, or what, to offer the Steelers in return.

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