Fortnite Season 6 Launches With Halloween Theme, Pets, Invisibility, More

Fortnite is Now Shrouded in Darkness For Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 Launches With Halloween Theme, Pets, Invisibility, More

According to the Fortnite Trello board, Epic Games is working on eliminating server and client hitches on Xbox One and PC. Epic Games has written a blog post about the new season, and while it contains a lot of information about what's new, you can be sure there will be plenty of surprises too.

This article will be updated with further changes as they're discovered.

We already know that PS4 crossplay will be a part of Fortnite Season 6, with recent reports indicating that pets will be added today alongside new skins.

The Shadow Stones were a unique item birthed from that mysterious cube - dubbed "Kevin" by the internet - that left a burning path of runes in its wake before changing Loot Lake forever.

As ever, Fortnite Season 6 also heralds the arrival of the new v6.00 patch, with various tweaks, bug fixes and so on, as well as an XP boost for Save the World and the new Riot Husky enemy, equipped with a shield, to take on. Pets are passive creatures that hang out on your back and accompany you on your quest for as many wins as possible. There's also a haunted castle to explore just outside of Haunted Hills.

And then there's the new Shadow Stones - they are scattered throughout the map, letting you go completely invisible.

Although there certainly weren't as many changes as some fans were expecting, the map is slightly different in season six. You can get dogs, dragons, and other pets that stay with you as a backbling.

New to Update 6.00 are Shadow Stones, which are a new consumable that work similarly to the Hop Rocks of season 4.

You will unlock pets by leveling up your Battle Pass. Remember, this will give you a free tier in your Battle Pass to snatch it up when you have the chance.

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