Everson Griffen's Wife Called the Cops on Him Due to Erratic Behavior

Vikings fear for star who allegedly threatened hotel shooting

Everson Griffen missed Vikings game after Hotel Ivy incident, alleged gun threats

Police learned from Vikings player development director Les Pico that Griffen "has been really struggling for the past few weeks", the police reports read. He still showed up to the team's practice facility Saturday and was sent home.

Vikings veteran pass rusher Everson Griffen has been banned from the team facility, and is being held at a mental health facility, after exhibiting a string of disturbing behavior. The man drove Griffen home, then directed police to his house because "Everson was acting insane and he was risky", according to a report filed Saturday by Minnetrista police officer Justin Thompson.

The Star-Tribune reports that Griffen's wife said her husband "awoke in the middle of the night on September 16 and left the home" and that Griffen does that "at times when he is fighting "demons" in his head". Zimmer made it clear that Griffen is missed both on the field and in the locker room, but said there are more important things to be anxious about.

Pico told police that when Griffen arrived at the hotel, he had forgotten that he had wanted to meet Pico, the report states. Pico told police that upon meeting Griffen at the hotel, the defensive end forgot why he wanted to speak to him and did not want to talk to him anymore.

According to a police report obtained by Paul Walsh of The Star Tribune, Griffen's wife said he left home on September 16 after he awoke suddenly in the middle of the night, which is something he does at times when fighting "demons" in his head.

Though his name was redacted from the Hotel Ivy incident report, sources told Cronin that the individual in question at the hotel is Griffen.

Griffen showed up shirtless outside the house of teammate Trae Waynes, who lives on the same street.

"To clarify, there was no attempted break-in at our home and at no point did my family or I feel unsafe", Waynes said.

"So we're going to do everything possible that we can, not only for Everson, but to help everybody on our team and, quite honestly, with their families as well". She said he wasn't making sense and ordered her to leave the couple's home before he went to the Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis, where he sometimes stays during the week.

Zimmer said he hasn't talked to Griffen since the Week 2 overtime game at Green Bay. "I told him as he knew, the Vikings also wanted a mental health evaluation done".

The source reiterated that Griffen is "getting assistance on personal matters" and that the National Football League is "comfortable he has a good support system around him".

More details are emerging about the status of Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowl defensive end Everson Griffen, pointing to what appears to be a serious mental health crisis for the Vikings star.

Griffen was already going to miss the game last Sunday against the Buffalo Bills because of a nagging issue with his knee, but even without the injury he was in no condition to play.

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