The PlayStation Classic is Sony's Answer to the NES Mini

PlayStation Classic Release Date

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Sony announced Wednesday it plans to launch a miniature games console designed like the original PlayStation pre-loaded with 20 vintage games as it joins the retro gaming craze just in time for Christmas. The timing of this announcement is pretty flawless too, as the original PlayStation is turning 25 years old later this year.

Final Fantasy VII's remake is now being developed, and will release in episodic chunks.

Dubbed the PlayStation Classic, the new console shares the design of the original Playstation that launched in 1994, but is considerably smaller.

The console is around half the size of the original PlayStation and comes with two classic controllers so you can batter your mates on Tekken. It's not yet known if we'll see regional differences with the game libraries as we did with other similar devices like the SNES Classic.

The Classic will be available December 3rd, to be exact, and will come with two classic PS1 controllers for that sweet local multiplayer action.

Image Source Sony
Image Source Sony

If Nintendo's retro consoles, the NES Classic and SNES Classic, are any indication, the PlayStation Classic will be extremely popular. All PlayStation Classic games will be playable in their original format, which we assume means no alterations or updates to fix or modify anything within them.

"This PlayStation Classic announcement is super out of left field".

Production came to a halt shortly afterwards before the company re-introducing it in June this year preloaded with 30 games and a HDMI cable.

The PlayStation was a best-selling console and holds a soft spot in the hearts of many gamers.

Sony will reveal more games in the coming months, so now is the time to badger the company for your favourite releases. The unit itself is powered via USB, so people can run it off any USB port or charger as long as it's capable of delivering 1 A of current. That's only five titles, so we can only speculate about what the other 15 games could be.

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