OnePlus to Launch a Smart TV Based on Android in Early 2019

OnePlus Smart TV in Development, Company Reveals

OnePlus to Foray into Smart TV Market with the Launch of OnePlus TV in 2019

It is evident that OnePlus wants to make its presence felt in the smart TV industry after rival Xiaomi forayed into the segment with its range of Mi TVs a few years ago.

OnePlus founder Pete Lau posted on the OnePlus forums that the company wanted to bring the "next level of intelligent connectivity to the home environment". The TV will have a camera, and the AI assistant will work not only to connect the phone to the television, but also to connect these with the house, while taking into account user privacy.

The OnePlus TV is in early stages of its development for now.

After rocking up the smartphone market, OnePlus is now all set to debut with its first Smart TV. The amount of buzzwords in the text is off the charts - what's "connected human experience", anyway? - but it's safe to assume it'll include some sort of intelligent assistant, and that it'll be affordable. Lau told Business Insider that the company wants to evolve the current smart TV.

In a totally unexpected announcement today, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed the company is working on its next big thing which is going to be a fresh take on TV category. The executive also said to the publication that the offering would be a "premium, flagship TV".

OnePlus, the company that is so far popular for its smartphones, is now set to enter the television market by launching a smart TV that has internally been called the OnePlus TV. Combine this with an active community that has a say in everything OnePlus produces, and Lau feels confident that the TV will be a success. OnePlus is developing a Smart TVOnePlus will for the first time venture into a new consumer electronics segment but it is not one of the mobile segments. It also points out that penetration of smart TV vendors has increased in the country. The TV will come with an AI assistant, probably the Google Assistant and an in-house solution package supporting different smart gadgets. No need to actually finish your project when you can just patch it forever after people buy it! And now, with eight phone launches under its belt, OnePlus is finally ready to discuss another flagship product.

Now that OnePlush has established itself as an important player in the smartphone industry, they are setting sights on another category of tech: TVs.

The OnePlus TV is envisioned by Mr. Lau as having seamless connectivity between a user's smartphone and TV.

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