What can Apple’s newest smartwatch do if you fall down?

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New Apple Watch Series 4 steals the show

"Apple Watch has become an intelligent guardian for your health", Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams said.

The new watch has a larger display, upgraded heart-tracking sensors, and a faster chip than last year's model, the Apple Watch Series 3.

Two years later, Apple called its watch "the ultimate device for a healthy life", emphasizing water resistance for swimmers and built-in Global Positioning System for tracking runs or cycling workouts.

While he said he's still waiting to see the results of the company's upcoming heart study, Khandwalla could definitely see a role for the Apple Watch as a way monitor patients who are at high-risk for atrial fibrillation, especially if Apple is able to better incorporate clinical data into its monitoring and detection algorithms.

A new Apple Watch with the first major form-factor change since the smartwatch was initially launched in 2015 will help the tech giant capitalize on the extraordinary momentum it is seeing in its wearable business. This makes it the first ECG product offered over the counter to consumers, with Apple receiving clearance from the Food and Drug Administration for the Apple Watch Series 4 to be used as a medical device. It's the watch that's creating the most buzz so far.

"This update really establishes the company's increasing efforts to push the Watch as a serious medical device".

Gartner analyst Tuong Nguyen said the feature could turn smartwatches "from something people buy for prestige into something they buy for more practical reasons".

Apple is also offering a great deal now on the Apple Watch Series 3.

You'll find a second-generation heart sensor coming together with an electrical heart sensor, the latter of which will eventually work with an electrocardiogram app to work out whether your heart is beating normally or if there are signed of atrial fibrillation, which could lead to other issues.

"The role that technology plays in allowing patients to capture meaningful data about what's happening with their heart, right when it's happening, like the functionality of an on-demand ECG, could be significant in new clinical care models and shared decision making between people and their health care providers", said Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heart Association. The new device also comes with an improved gyroscope and accelerometer.

"It's almost unprecedented that you would deploy a medical grade diagnostic across the population irrespective of a person's risk and clinical position of having a disease", Khandwalla said in a phone interview. The company says it protects your privacy by encrypting the data on your devices and online through iCloud. If it receives no response within a minute, the watch will automatically place an emergency call and message friends and family designated as emergency contacts.

A 44mm Series 4 next to a 42mm Series 3 Watch.

Daniel Sparks owns shares of Apple.

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