Trump's Supreme Court nominee on track as Senate hearing ends

US senator, risking punishment, releases Kavanaugh emails on race

Supreme Court nominee steers clear of Trump criticism

Democrats don't have the votes to block President Donald Trump's nominee. That image stood in contrast to Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes' more stinging description of the court as "nine scorpions in a bottle".

But the 53-year-old appellate judge stuck to a well-rehearsed script throughout his testimony, providing only glimpses of his judicial stances while avoiding any serious mistakes that might jeopardize his confirmation.

"I have concluded that Judge Kavanaugh will create a Supreme Court majority that will threaten women's reproductive rights, roll back essential environmental regulations, and favor large corporations over workers", Bennet wrote.

The vote follows four days of testimony surrounding his nomination last week, including two in which he answered a marathon of questions from senators on the committee.

Democratic witnesses expressed concern about Kavanaugh's record on a range of issues including affirmative action, the rights of people with disabilities, access to birth control and abortion.

Democratic witnesses also included a student who survived the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and Rochelle Garza, the legal guardian for a pregnant immigrant teenager whose quest for an abortion Kavanaugh would have delayed past year. While questioning Kavanaugh about abortion and the Roe v. Wade decision, she cited a Guttmacher Institute report to claim that between 200,000 and 1.2 million women have died from illegal abortions.

She ended her story with a plea: for the senators to think of gun violence victims as they weighed Kavanaugh's nomination. They talked about his intelligence and open-mindedness, calling him "thoughtful", "wonderfully warm" and a "fair-minded and independent jurist".

Earlier this week, an e-mail mentioning Roe v. Wade was unearthed from Kavanaugh's time in the Bush administration, with the intent to harm him. He's smart. Be careful what you wish for.

White House spokesman Raj Shah offered an alternative version of the event, tweeting that "an unidentified individual" approached Kavanaugh and before the judge was "able to shake his hand, security had intervened". At the end of the day, you didn't know a lot more afterwards than you did going into the hearing.

No, Kavanaugh should be removed because he was repeatedly asked under oath as part of his 2004 and 2006 confirmation hearings for his position on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit about whether he had received such information from Miranda, and each time he falsely denied it.

"Handguns and semi-automatic rifles are weapons used for hunting and self-defense", Kavanaugh explained at his confirmation hearings. Kagan's name escaped Kavanaugh's lips more than 40 times over two days, most often to provide cover for his refusal to weigh in on issues that could come before the court. "It was a very good meeting and I think he will make an incredible Supreme Court Justice".

"Can a sitting president be required to respond to a subpoena?" Sen.

The tone in the email from 2003 contrasted with his responses to questions on Wednesday when he stressed how hard it is to overturn precedents like Roe. Democrats have complained that the Republican majority is trying to rush Kavanaugh's confirmation without giving senators enough time to review his records. The document was partially redacted.

Kavanaugh refused to answer questions about Trump or commit to stepping aside from any case about the Russian Federation investigation that might come to the Supreme Court.

KAVANAUGH: It's important as a matter of independence as reflected in the nominee precedent not to give a forecast or hint about that.

Much of the debate among senators has focused more on the disclosure of documents than on Kavanaugh's record. The document battle stemmed from Kavanaugh's unusually long paper trail following his years in the Bush White House.

For Democratic Sens. Kamala Harris, of California, and Cory Booker, of New Jersey, the week was a chance to grab some national attention and score some points with the progressive base - as many political observers wonder about their presidential aspirations in 2020.

But Booker continued throughout the day Thursday to release documents on Twitter - some of which appeared to show Kavanaugh's personal views on the protection of religious interests - that were confirmed by the Judiciary Committee chairman, Republican Sen.

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