Henry Cavill Exits Superman Role As Warner Bros. Shakes Up DC Universe

REPORT Henry Cavill is Out as Superman in the DCEU

Henry Cavill’s Future as Superman Is Cloudy, Warner Bros. Focusing on Supergirl

At Forbes, Scott Mendelson writes, "It is ironic that DC Films series is now kept afloat not by Batman and Superman but by Wonder Woman and (presumably) Aquaman". According to multiple reports, the star has parted ways with Warner Bros. and will not be featured as the Man of Steel in any upcoming movie ventures.

Based on all the reports that have been coming out from various folks since that initial report from THR this morning, it looks like news of Henry Cavill leaving the DCEU is something that lots of trades have been sitting on for a bit. The Post has put in requests for confirmation as well.

But his departure doesn't mean that Warner Bros.is shelving the character, as Clark Kent could potentially appear in the studio's developing Supergirl movie or in his own solo film down the line.

This news would not be a surprise, of course.

A statement from Warner Bros. tried to play down any final decisions made about Cavill's future as the superhero.

Yesterday it was reported that the actor was on the way out at DC and Warner Bros, amidst reports of his new high-profile roles and the disappointing performance of Justice League and Batman Vs Superman. The latter two faltered at the box office and were panned by critics. The most successful DCEU release in North America - as box-office champ and cultural phenomenon - remains last year's "Wonder Woman" ($412.6 million).

Empire has contacted Warner Bros for comment.

This also follows the Birds of Prey movie news, which will see Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn paired with a female director, Cathy Yan, and an ensemble of female characters. The Harley spinoff "Birds of Prey" is reportedly a priority.

Another Irishman, Cillian Murphy, is in contention for the part and is priced at 10/1 to be named the next Man of Steel along with Armie Hamer, Channing Tatum, and Donald Glover.

Additionally at Warner/DC, Todd Phillips is continuing his Joker film project with Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role. Both Cavil and Warner are yet to confirm the hanging up of the cape though, but it seems pretty likely that DC's film plans are again in a nebulous state.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros.is now more focused on getting a Supergirl movie into production, while they've also got Aquaman and a Wonder Woman sequel in the works.

Cavill had a busy summer, co-starring with Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

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