Jets Claim They Knew Matthew Stafford’s Signals During Rout Of Lions

Intriguing Jets receivers can make Sam Darnold’s life easier

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The Jets intercepted Stafford four times and intercepted backup Matt Cassel once, overcoming a pick-six by rookie quarterback Sam Darnold on his first National Football League pass.

"We were calling out their plays as he's getting up to the line'" Lee told reporters.

RB Isaiah Crowell on his 62-yard TD run late in the third quarter. "I have to do a better job".

The 21-year-old rookie was unruffled by the early setback and completed 16 of 21 passes for 198 yards. There were just too many points allowed on defense.

"That's called studying", Jets cornerback Trumaine Johnson said.

Drafted in the second round of the same year, Smith came out of West Virginia looking to do exactly what Darnold is attempting now - change the quarterback narrative for the team.

"I'm going to be most disappointed in myself".

Watch Andre Roberts walk the tightrope down the sideline to score on a 78-yard punt return touchdown.

The Jets rubbed salt in the wounds after the game by mocking the Lions, saying they easily figured out Detroit's signals and knew what plays were coming for much of the evening.

I know it's hard to believe, but in reality, Darnold had very little to do with it after his 20-yard dart off a rollout to wide receiver Terrelle Pryor (another newcomer) set up the Enunwa catch-and-run that gave the Jets the lead for good. But the Jets struck gold in the preseason by balancing the ground game with the spry pocket maneuvering of Darnold and now-departed backup Teddy Bridgewater. On Lee's first interception, he sat, waited and broke on the ball when Stafford threw it, jumping in front of Theo Riddick for a pick-six of his own. "I hope I never have to say that again". On his first interception, he jumped the route and took it all the way for a 36-yard touchdown to give the Jets a 31-17 lead. They scored their first defensive return touchdown since 2013 and their first special teams return touchdown since 2012 (ruining one of my predictions), which was also the last time they did both in one game. Darnold converted a third down with his legs to take the Jets into field goal range.

Darron Lee celebrates a play in the second half against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. The Jets stocked their defense with all these young starters, and then they added their hopeful face of the franchise.

Until then, let's take a wait-and-see approach with Darnold and his future with the New York Jets.

Darnold's first pass had the worst possible outcome in a pick-six, but he bounced back immediately.

Do I expect the Lions to beat the 49ers, 42-0, on Sunday? But you can see it, and they can see it, lasting much longer than that.

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