Tesla stock falls as CEO appears to smoke marijuana on video

Elon Musk told Joe Rogan that he's not a regular weed

Elon Musk told Joe Rogan that he's not a regular weed

Tesla CEO Elon Musk described himself as a "business magnet" via Twitter on the morning after sipping whiskey and smoking the devil's lettuce with Joe Rogan.

Rogan's podcast is known for being choppy and focused on a wide array of topics, but Musk's appearance was particularly wild, as the two went from discussing ancient weaponry to talking about the CEO's new electric plane design. Musk also gave broad details about how the plane would be powered.

Rogan sparked the tobacco and marijuana mix while Musk was talking about an idea for an electric plane, which he said would be capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

Elon Musk has hinted that Tesla may be considering a new product for a smarter home-an intelligent air conditioning system-during a rather baked two and a half hours long podcast on Thursday evening.

Earlier in the day, Reuters reported the prominent short-seller Andrew Left has sued Tesla and Musk, saying Musk fraudulently engineered his since-abandoned plan to take Tesla private to "burn" investors hoping the electric vehicle company's stock price would fall.

Now, with the company set on staying public, its finances are under extreme scrutiny from investors and analysts as it fights to become profitable.

Musk had previously apologised for his comments about Mr Unsworth, who helped with the globally-documented rescue of a young football team from caves in Thailand, but repeated the claims this week. "Funding secured", Musk said at the time on Twitter.

Tesla shares fell 7 percent on Friday. Musk said, just before apparently inhaling.

"Since I joined Tesla on August 6th, the level of public attention placed on the company, as well as the pace within the company, have exceeded my expectations", said a statement from Morton released by the company in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Yet the incident could revive questions about whether Musk is the right person to lead Tesla. Considering the recent stock drop, as well as the apparent effects of Musk's little cannabis puff to Tesla shareholders, Albertine noted that the time might be right for Tesla's Board to step in.

"I don't think you'd necessarily want to be me", he said.

"There are so many rumours and problems about Tesla that we stay sceptical concerning the Tesla shares".

Some people speculated that he was high when he tweeted last month that he was considering taking Tesla private, citing his proposal of $420 a share - "420" is a reference to weed.

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