Two Koreas agree to hold September summit in Pyongyang: Seoul

President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong UN right to advertise upcoming Seoul Defense Dialogue in Seoul South Korea Wednesday Sept. 5 2018. A South Korean presidential delegation met with North

Two Koreas agree to hold September summit in Pyongyang: Seoul

A TV screen shows a photo of South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong UN, right, to advertise upcoming Seoul Defense Dialogue in Seoul, South Korea, Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018.

Mr Kim made his comments to envoys from Seoul who were in the North to arrange a new leaders' summit later this month.

"President Donald Trump tweet-boasted about his accomplishments in office as, behind the curtain, he was aggressively trying to ferret out the author of the anonymously written op-ed asserting "many of the senior officials" in Trump's administration" were working diligently from within to check/thwart some of his more unsafe and/or illegal moves of an "amoral", "impetuous", "petty", POTUS. The content was not disclosed of either of the messages exchanged by South Korean officials who visited Pyongyang and met with Kim this week.

"He particularly emphasized that he has never said anything negative about President Trump", Chung said.

"From Oct. 10 to 14, the USS Ronald Reagan will participate in the 2018 Republic of Korea worldwide naval review, and for this goal will enter Jeju", a South Korea military source said, according to News 1.

Trump's comments came after Kim reportedly said his faith in the United States president was unchanged and that Pyongyang aimed to achieve denuclearisation within Trump's first term in office, which is due to end in January 2020.

Mr Chung also cited Mr Kim as saying that North Korea is unable to conduct any more nuclear tests, despite several reports that the regime is secretly continuing its nuclear programme.

The North Korean dictator wants to achieve denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula before Trump finishes his term, according to South Korean officials.

Kim, however, expressed to Chung that he was frustrated by skepticism in the worldwide community over his commitment to denuclearization. "He expressed his strong will to carry out more proactive measures toward denuclearisation if action is taken in response to the North's preemptive steps".

To which Trump tweet-simpered in response, "Thank you to Chairman Kim".

"Chairman Kim. expressed frustration over the doubt shown by some parts of the global society about his will", national security adviser Chung Eui-yong said.

"The countries agreed to review the implementation of the Panmunjom Declaration and discuss the future direction of its implementation, and to discuss practical ways to establish lasting peace and ensure joint prosperity on the Korean Peninsula, especially denuclearize the Korean Peninsula", he told a nationally televised press conference.

In addition to the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the United States may send about three to four other warships, including destroyers and cruisers. Moon is seen as eager to keep the diplomacy alive in part so that he can advance his ambitious engagement plans with the North, which would need USA backing to succeed.

"(The countries) agreed to discuss specific ways to built their mutual trust and prevent armed conflicts while continuing their ongoing talks on reducing military tension at the South-North Korean summit", Chung said. Trump exclaimed on Twitter.

The primary sticking point at the moment is North Korea's desire to bring an official end to the Korean War.

The visit by the South Korean delegation to Pyongyang came amid a deadlock on the North's nuclear weapons programme, with United States efforts to dismantle the arsenal stalled for weeks. Such steps may include providing an account of the components of its nuclear program, allowing outside inspections and giving up a certain number of its nuclear weapons during the early stages of the negotiations. Moon has made an end-of-war declaration an important premise of his peace agenda with North Korea. The article said the North has shown "goodwill and generosity" through actions such as returning United States war remains and dismantling a nuclear testing ground, but that the U.S. has failed to respond similarly.

The summit later this month between Mr. Kim and Mr. Moon, the driving force behind the current diplomacy, will be a crucial indicator of whether larger nuclear negotiations with the United States will proceed. Negotiations since then have been rocky and settled into a stalemate.

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