McDonald's applauds students behind viral prank

Two customers at a McDonald's in Pearland Texas created and hung a fake ad at the restaurant featuring themselves

Students’ Fake McDonald’s Poster Goes Unnoticed for 51 Days

The two friends spent a month creating the poster.

In all the cheesy photos of people bedecking the restaurant, one group was not included. His friend, Christian Toledo, 25, moved to U.S. a couple of years ago from the Philippines.

The first step was making the poster.

Jevh and Christian chose to be themselves - as students - for the picture.

"We took the photo outside the neighbourhood events centre while a Zumba class was going on", Jevh said.

The pranksters chose to post their adventure to Maravilla's YouTube page, where a vlog of their shenanigans has been viewed more than 500,000 times. Then they ordered it online and waited for it to arrive.

Maravilla and Toledo made their OWN poster, Photoshopping it to look like the other McDonald's ads on the walls, and had it printed.

As in any good heist movie, Jevh assembled a crack team of accomplices.

Maravilla told Inc. that the phony advertising image has been on the McDonald's wall for the past 53 days and that he waited so long to reveal the prank via Twitter because he 'wanted people to think it was impressive that it's been there for so long'.

They lay in wait for over an hour until the coast was clear.

"It fit me perfectly", he said.

In June, Maravilla and Toledo went to work on their poster.

"We put adhesive on the back so it could be taken down".

In the video, the friends showed how they pulled off the stunt.

"If you haven't noticed, there isn't a lot of Asians represented in media", he says in the clip. Remember, folks: all races deserve recognition.

Mcdonald's was actually thrilled by the men's creativity.

"When I was growing up, Asian people only appeared in movies as martial artists or amusing side characters".

They found a "natural environment" that looked similar to the locations used for the existing photos, and took a picture similar to the ones they had seen inside the restaurant.

The tweet promoting their no-takedown streak has garnered more than 950,000 likes and 240,000 retweets as of posting.

His Youtube video about it has also been watched by thousands. "And hopefully one day I could see someone like me on the big screen". The BBC has approached the company for comment.

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