Sex assault case against Kevin Spacey dropped by Los Angeles prosecutors

LA prosecutors say second sexual assault case against Kevin Spacey is still under review

LA prosecutors say second sexual assault case against Kevin Spacey is still under review

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office is declining to prosecute certain sex crime charges against Kevin Spacey, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Spacey, who lost his role in the hit series "House of Cards" following sexual misconduct charges against him in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, had been accused of sexually assaulting an unidentified acquaintance in 1992.

Charges won't be filed against Kevin Spacey, Steven Seagal or Anthony Anderson in cases of sexual misconduct that arose in the past year, Los Angeles County prosecutors announced Tuesday.

The 1993 accusations against action star Seagal fell outside the statute of limitations, while Anderson's accuser declined to be interviewed and prosecution was declined due to lack of evidence, the office said.

Prosecutors also declined to prosecute alleged sex crimes against the actors Steven Seagal and Anthony Anderson. As the individual was an adult at the time, the statute of limitations has expired on the case and it can not be taken before a jury.

Spacey's publicist in November said the two-time Oscar victor, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen men and boys, was "taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment".

Spacey was artistic director at London's The Old Vic theatre between 2004 and 2015.

Spacey came out as gay after "Star Trek: Discovery" star Anthony Rapp went public with allegations that Spacey made sexual advances toward him when Rapp was 14 years old, prompting LGBTQ rights organization GLAAD to release a statement saying "coming-out stories should not be used to deflect from allegations of sexual assault".

As a result, Spacey was sacked from his lead role on House of Cards, and his most recent film, Billionaire Boys Club, bombed at the box office, with a $618 opening weekend - Spacey's career low.

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