Homeless man sues couple who raised $400,000 for him

Homeless man suing couple who raised $400,000 to help him

Homeless man sues couple who raised $400,000 for him

Bobbitt inspired the fundraising campaign after he gave McClure his last $20 when she ran out of gas on a freeway exit ramp last November outside Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, D'Amico said that Bobbitt spent $25,000 of they money they did give him on drugs in the span of two weeks in December. However, in an more recent interview with Megyn Kelly on the American TODAY Show, he said it was roughly $AU200,000. Johnny Bobbitt, a 35-year-old homeless man, gave her his last $20 to help her buy gas.

The relationship soured, and Bobbitt claimed in court that the money - almost $403,000 raised from about 14,000 online donors - never fully ended up in his possession. The couple has been accused of misappropriating funds and ordered by a judge to give the money to Bobbitt.

A judge in New Jersey ordered a couple to hand over money raised from a GoFundMe campaign to a homeless man whose kind gesture went viral previous year.

He told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the couple recently paid for a BMW and vacations to Las Vegas and Florida.

"The irreparable harm will be if they spend any more of Mr. Bobbitt's money or, as Mr. D'Amico claimed, he'll burn the money before giving it to Mr. Bobbitt", said attorney for Johnny Bobbitt, Christopher Fallon.

On Thursday, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Paula T. Dow ordered McClure and D'Amico to surrender the funds within 24 hours to an account controlled by Bobbitt's pro bono attorneys until the court could determine how to allocate the money to Bobbitt.

In an interview with ABC affiliate WPVI in Philadelphia, Bobbitt said the couple used the money on trips, gambling and shopping sprees.

During an appearance on USA television on Monday, D'Amico revealed there is well over $150,000 left of the donations.

Their lawyer argued in court that Mr Bobbitt had received more than $200,000 from the fund.

The couple denies mishandling the remaining money, and D'Amico has said there's still $150,000 left.

The couple said they let Bobbitt park it on land owned by McClure's family, but the Associated Press reported that in June, D'Amico told him to leave.

The couple's lawyer said they used the funds for Bobbitt's drug treatment, a vehicle and a trailer.

"What I would say to those people is thank you for your generosity", Fallon said outside court, "and we'll work hard to make sure that that money gets spent the way you all wanted it spent". According to reports, his addiction has relapsed and he is back on the Philadelphia streets panhandling for money after completing two stints in rehab. That money will be put into a trust.

More than 15,000 people have made donations to the campaign in the belief it would go towards helping the rough sleeper escape the streets.

Since the GoFundMe page went viral, McClure and D'Amico were able to get Bobbitt a place of his own to live in.

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