Google To Revamp Wear OS: Here’s Everything That Will Change

Google's Wear OS gets a new smart assistant

Wear OS gets a redesign with a focus on health coaching and proactive information

The new look Wear OS is set to roll out to compatible smartwatches from September.

You can't get this Wear OS update yet, but Google claims that it will begin rolling these features out over the next month, so keep an eye out for them.

Fortunately, if your Wear OS smartwatch is not on that list, you will eventually see the Wear OS redesign on your wearable hardware.

Along with the addition of smart replies in line with the notification stream, Google Assistant in general is getting beefed up for Wear OS.

In the new update, a swipe to the right will show a stream of helpful suggestions from Google Assistant, including tips for the road warrior like flight status or hotel reservations and smart suggestions like weather or restaurants near your destination.

These changes seem like a late reaction to Apple's watchOS.

The design change comes as Google tries to drag the Watch OS back from near extinction, covering as it does, a tiny fraction of the market. It's similar to the "My Day" feature Google rolled out to its virtual assistant on phones a few weeks ago. The new release introduces deep integration with the Alphabet Inc. subsidiary's Google Assistant artificial intelligence, as well as faster access to information and key features. Users can now bring up the health tracking app simply by swiping left on the interface. Apparently this tool will get even more useful over time as Google Assistant gets to know you better and new features are added. We'll have to wait and see whether that's enough to turn Google's position in the smartwatch industry.

For Android users, you'll also be able to send quick replies to texts using the built-in smart replies.

For everything health-related, a left swipe directs users to the recently-revamped Google Fit section, where two new rings that measure Move Minutes and Heart Points are displayed.

Swiping down brings out the Wear OS Quick Settings menu, and it has options like Airport Mode, Find My Phone, battery percentage, Google Pay, and more.

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