US Senator to Push to Keep McCain's Afghanistan Legacy Alive

John McCain's parting gift Freedom from fear

He knew how fortunate we are

Trump will fly to Charlotte for an event on retirement security at a fundraiser at one of his golf clubs Friday afternoon.

Cindy McCain also took to social media following her husband's death.

The flag-draped casket of Sen.

Former Vice President Joe Biden led the tributes to the late Senator John McCain at his memorial service in Arizona, honoring his "brother" with a lovely eulogy.

Fitzgerald's comments were a touching tribute, and he expressed gratitude for the honor of taking part in the Sedona Forum, an annual gathering of worldwide leaders organized by McCain and his wife, Cindy McCain.

Meghan McCain, daughter of, Sen. John McCain began Thursday in Phoenix, Arizona, and will continue throughout the weekend in D.C. and Annapolis, Maryland.

Flags at the White House were lowered on Saturday night after McCain's death and raised again Sunday, the bare minimum required by law. "I don't think it's even close". Bottom line was, I think he believed in us.

Trump on Thursday also defended his handling of the death of McCain, who died at the age of 81 after a more than yearlong battle with brain cancer.

Biden and McCain's friendship goes way back to the 1970s when Biden had a strong desire to meet McCain who had been an American war hero.

Traditionally, sitting American presidents "serve as a source of solace and comfort" for the country at times of loss and tragedy, said Princeton University historian Julian Zelizer.

The Trump-McCain relationship left little room for that.

Few returning Republicans have displayed much appetite for taking on McCain's role as a legislator willing to openly challenge the scandal-plagued president.

The ceremony marked the start of five days of tributes in Phoenix and Washington for McCain, who would have turned 82 on Wednesday. "I like people who weren´t captured".

Espinoza said McCain twice asked him to work on his campaigns.

More recently, McCain accused Trump of kowtowing to Russian President Vladimir Putin at a July summit in Helsinki.

McCain sought the Republican nomination for president in 2000 and won the nomination in 2008. They'd talk about family, politics and global relations.

People Magazine reported that while planning his funeral, Sen. Biden said their close personal bond abided even when the senator from DE was chosen as the running mate for McCain's Democratic rival in the 2008 presidential race, Barack Obama, who defeated McCain.

Ducey has said he will wait until after McCain's burial to name a successor to fill the Senate seat through 2020. After public and private pressure, Trump issued a statement Monday offering his "respect" for McCain's service to the country.

Trump and McCain both had charmed upbringings, but couldn't have made more different choices with their lives.

"He nominated me for president, and I failed him", Dole said. With the Senator when he passed were his wife Cindy and their family.

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