Google rebrands Tez to Google Pay in India

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Tez is now called Google Pay

Google Tez is now Google Pay In the wake of demonetisation drive and new-found focus on digital payments, Google past year introduced a UPI-based payment platform called Google Tez.

Talking about payments, Sengupta said Tez - which was built for the Indian market - has seen strong traction with 22 million people using the platform every month.

Keeping in mind that India now has almost 450 million internet users with 390 being active on a monthly basis, the country's data usage has skyrocketed to 8GB per month, which is at par with users in developed nations around the world.

NEW DELHI-Alphabet Inc.'s Google is raising its mobile-payments game in India with new functions and services as global players race to woo the nation's legions of consumers who are skipping credit cards and transacting on smartphones instead.

The company has partnered with four banks HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank and Federal Bank and is also actively in talks with different banking partners for the same. This makes it very hard for Indian languages publications to bring their content online.

According to Google, India is the fastest-growing country on Google Maps.

Google today said it has partnered Andhra Pradesh State FiberNet Ltd (APSFNL) to bring Google Station to over 12,000 villages, a move that will provide Internet access to about 10 million people. Google, at the event, showcased its efforts in the country and provided a look at all the new features that have been developed with Indian users in mind. One of those integrations is users being able to make payments with Google Pay without having to leave the merchant's app.

The bank loan feature will be rolling out in the next few weeks.

Moreover, Google has also enabled its Assistant to answer your queries in Marathi. Google is hoping to gain an edge over not just these digital lending startups but also big internet companies such as Facebook Inc.'s WhatsApp. It also has a new partnership with RedBus which has added more than 20,000 routes and 1,500 cities for intercity bus journey routes.

Google Go will be able to translate articles across 28 languages before reciting them to you in your preferred tongue.

Google aims to work with various state governments to launch state Wi-Fi service using Station. The company added 50 million-plus building to Google Maps in 2018. The company has partnered with local Andhra Pradesh State FiberNet Limited to reach nearly 10 million people.

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