Two Donald Trump aides found guilty of fraud, USA president implicated

NYT: Michael Cohen Under Investigation For More Than $20M In Bank Fraud

Jury in Manafort fraud trial sends note to judge

Two people familiar with the financial fraud investigation of Donald Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, say he will plead guilty to federal charges including campaign finance fraud, bank fraud and tax evasion.

DONALD Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen has pleaded GUILTY to paying two women for their silence "at the direction of USA president".

Both cases highlight the mounting legal problems Trump faces.

The charges on which Manafort was convicted didn't involve allegations of illegal collusion between Trump's campaign and Russia, Mueller's primary focus. Prosecutors spent two weeks presenting a meticulous, document-based case before the jury as they sought to prove Manafort used offshore bank accounts to hide millions of dollars in proceeds from his Ukrainian political consulting from the IRS and later turned to defrauding banks. The jury agreed with the prosecution's findings that Manafort illegally shielded some of his income, and also lied to fraudulently obtain bank loans.

UPDATE: Fox News' Chief White House correspondent is reporting that Cohen's plea includes 3 to 5 years in prison.

Duncan said it was hard not to discuss the case with other jurors while they waited around for the proceedings to get underway, but they followed the rules and did their civil duty. Prosecutors said they intend to decide next week whether they will seek a retrial on those charges.

Documents unsealed from the ninth day of trial reportedly show one juror had already decided Manafort was guilty before all the evidence was heard.

"It's a very sad thing that happened", Trump said as he arrived for a rally in West Virginia. This has nothing to do with Russian collusion.

Either way, Manafort is facing a separate trial in Washington, D.C., next month relating to his lobbying work in Ukraine.

Trump has denied an affair with the now 39-year-old actress, but admitted a hush payment - not disclosed in campaign declarations - was made to prevent "false and extortionist accusations" getting into the public domain. "He was just as guilty as Paul Manafort, maybe even more".

In a Manhattan federal court, Cohen admitted to violating campaign finance law at the direction of "the candidate" and to having acted for the objective of influencing the election.

Cohen is due to appear in federal court in NY at 4 p.m. Tuesday. The investigation by U.S. Attorney's office for the Southern District of NY was also triggered by the Special Counsel's findings. That candidate was Trump. That could be charged as a felony violation.

It's not yet clear if Cohen has agreed to supply information related to the Russian Federation probe to Mueller's team.

Corrects to Eastern District in second paragraph on August 22. "So it kind of sent a message of we're bored with this and I'm thinking, 'well if you're bored then why are we here?'" Duncan said.

Meanwhile, Cohen's lawyer, Lanny Davis, said his client has information "that would be of interest" to Mueller.

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