Fans criticise Madonna for VMA tribute to Aretha Franklin

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Madonna, MTV VMAs blasted for horrific tribute to Aretha Franklin

Madonna presented the award for Video of the Year to Camila Cabello for "Havana", beating out Childish Gambino, Ariana Grande, Drake and Bruno Mars for the trophy.

Whether or not Madonna's speech was meant to serve as a Franklin tribute is beside the point - the Queen of Soul certainly deserved more from the VMAs than a cameo in Madonna's story. Madonna went on to tell about one of her own early singing auditions in Paris in which she sang a song Franklin made famous. That would be impossible in two minutes with all the noise and tinsel of an award show.

This story has been corrected to show the MTV Video Music Awards were on Monday and Madonna's post was on Tuesday.

Many viewers took to Twitter to criticize what they saw as a disrespectful tribute to Franklin's legacy. "I could never do her justice in this context or environment". A capella? I said, 'Bitch, I'm Madonna.' No, I didn't.

"I left Detroit when I was 18", she said.

The outlet states that per MI law, Franklin's four sons - Clarence, Edward, Ted and Kecalf - will have equal shares in her estate.

I'll even go as far as to say that whomever came up with the idea to let Madonna take that stage last night, needs to be put on unpaid leave in order to properly do some soul searching and rethink their life choices.

The act introduced Tuesday also recognizes Franklin's philanthropic work to promote civil rights and health and gender equality, and adds that her talents "instilled hope, uplifted generations, and changed the lives of millions of people across the globe".

"I was asked to present video of the year by MTV!"

Nearly instantaneously, there was outcry online that Madonna's "tribute" was too self-focused, as the singer hardly mentioned the Queen of Soul.

The 18-time Grammy Award victor died August 16 at age 76 from advanced pancreatic cancer. Write to us in the Comments Section or on our Facebook page.

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