Twitter suspends Alex Jones for one week after violating company rules

Twitter suspends Alex Jones for a week for inciting violence

Twitter suspends Alex Jones from key functions of account: report

But in a video posted Wednesday to the Twitter account for Infowars, Jones said the company suspended him and may shut him down completely because he violated its rules by posting a "video I shot last night saying (President Donald) Trump should do something about the censorship of the internet". Late Tuesday, Twitter said it had "limited" Jones' personal account for seven days because he had violated the company's rules. Infowars still has a Twitter account.

The dam finally burst last week as numerous internet's largest platforms, like Facebook, YouTube and Apple Podcasts, banned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

However, Dorsey was widely criticized after he defended the company's decision to not ban the far-right provocateur by suggesting "the best way to counteract Jones's conspiracy theories was for reporters to document, validate, and refute such information directly". It glorified violence and promoted conspiracy theories.

He has a large following on social media, including 889,000 followers on Twitter.

As it stands now, the platform is created to show users content it thinks they'll agree with, even if that content is hateful or inaccurate. Instead, they have leaned on other policies to curtail these activities. Facebook removed pages for violating the social network's policy against hate speech.

However, InfoWars apps remain available through the Google Play store and Apple's app store. While many have lauded Facebook, Apple and others for removing his content, others have warned allowing platforms to moderate speech based on objectionable content is a slippery slope by companies that have a reputation for applying rules about speech unevenly.

Tumblr did not respond to a request for comment.

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