Boris Johnson To Face Investigation Over Burka Comments Following Complaints

Boris Johnson urged to apologise over niqab 'bank robber' comments

Boris Johnson under fire for ‘hate’ burqa comments

Boris Johnson resigned from the Prime Minister's cabinet last month after Mrs May continued to pursue her controversial Brexit White Paper.

May said his words "clearly caused offense ... and I do think that we all have to be very careful about the language and terms we use".

Former British foreign minister Boris Johnson will be investigated for a possible breach of the Conservative Party's code of conduct after making comments about Muslim women who wear burkhas, a party source said on Thursday.

She further said that a woman is not answerable to anyone if they wish to wear a burqa. "The code of conduct process is strictly confidential", the spokesperson said instead in an emailed statement.

Warsi responded in The Guardian, saying Johnson had used rightwing, "alt-right" language in criticising the appearance of the burqa, which contributes to a view that "Muslim women are fair game".

The party has received numerous complaints about his Daily Telegraph article where he compared women wearing burkas to "post boxes" and "bank robbers". May said she agreed with Lewis.

The complaints will be assessed by an independent panel appointed by the Conservative party Chairman Brandon Lewis and the Chair of the 1992 backbench committee of Conservative MPs.

Tell MAMA has continued to document the abuse, discrimination, and sometimes violence directed at Muslim women who wear the niqab.

We are happy to speak to Members of Parliament to share our experiences and perhaps demystify some of the concerns they may have.

"Despite the rising scale and severity of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred, the response from the Government has been lacklustre, or worse, in denial", Mohammed Mahmoud wrote.

"We have to call it out".

But the MP Nadine Dorries, retorted: "The people in Westminster who are so outraged are actually terrified that at some stage any day soon Boris may make a challenge for the leadership and Number 10".

Mr Johnson, who is holidaying overseas, has made no response to demands for an apology.

"As an organisation championing the rights of Muslim women, we are all too familiar with the ways in which this "natural reaction" manifests itself: a woman who was attacked, punched and had her headscarf ripped off, and another who had a bottle smashed over her head in a bus, both in Glasgow this year. Such crass commentary should have no place in our political discourse".

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