Shark Stolen From Aquarium Returned Safely

Apparently stealing a shark is as easy as taking a baby from an aquarium.
Illustration by Anna Donlan

Apparently stealing a shark is as easy as taking a baby from an aquarium. Illustration by Anna Donlan

A shark stolen from the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas in a baby stroller on Saturday has been found and is back in its petting tank.

Tips from the public flooded into the Leon Valley Police Department throughout the day Monday, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

The search for the young female shark, known to aquarium staff as Miss Helen, led police Monday to the home of a man who maintains an extensive collection of marine life, according to the police chief of the San Antonio suburb where the aquarium is located.

The man, along with two others, apparently tried to disguise the shark as a baby to remove it from the aquarium. "The minute she walked out the door, they grabbed that shark".

According to a statement posted on Facebook with surveillance-video footage, the aquarium said the suspects took the shark into one of their filter rooms, where they emptied a bucket full of bleach solution into a display's filtration system, posing potential risks for the other animals.

Salvaggio added that local law enforcement is working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to see if the theft involves federal charges.

The General Manager of the San Antonio Aquarium Jen Spellman said that as of Monday evening, the shark is still alive.

Three suspects were spotted on CCTV plucking a horn shark called Helen out of an open tank before wrapping her in a wet blanket and placing her in a bucket. "She's one-year-old", the employee said.

A shark taken from her tank and smuggled out of an aquarium in a pram by thieves has been safely returned. That led police to a truck belonging to one of the suspects.

'And when we got into the garage and into the house, it looked like nearly a mock-up of (the aquarium)'. "She is doing good so far, and we are hopeful she will recover fully from the shock, and return to her home she is used to", it said. "He had had one of these in the past. obviously he likes those types of animals". The Aquarium said that the shark's value is estimated at around $2,000.

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