Ron DeSantis teaches kids about Trump in new ad

Congats to Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis on the creepiest ad of the year

DeSantis Teaches His Kids The ABCs of Trump in New Ad

President Trump has been blasted online for being "out of touch" after suggesting people need to show ID when buying groceries.

In a new ad released Monday, Republican candidate for governor Ron DeSantis drives home his love for President Donald Trump - again and again, with humor. Trump had been railing against the idea of allowing noncitizens to vote, saying, "Only American citizens should vote in American elections". Photo IDs are required for certain purchases, such as alcohol, cigarettes or cold medicine.

Trump praised DeSantis as "a tough, brilliant cookie" and predicts: "He's going to be your next governor". He talks about Trump's pro-Israel policies and says Florida can't go back to the days of Charlie Crist where the "good old boys run the show". "Then Mr. Trump said, 'You're fired, '" DeSantis tells his infant son.

The president spoke at a massive rally at the Florida State Fairgrounds in support of GOP Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis.

The new ad is narrated by DeSantis' wife, Casey, who starts by reminding viewers that Trump has endorsed her husband in the August 28 Republican primary.

"He works really hard, he's really smart and he gets it and he loves this state and he loves this country", said Trump, who touted Scott's record on the economy and education during the event at Tampa Technical College.

DeSantis also made his pitch to the crowd and thanked Trump for his leadership.

Scott didn't attend the rally but joined the president earlier at a roundtable event.

He's holding a Donald Trump campaign sign and reciting and pointing to each word in the president's slogan: Make America Great Again. "You go out and you want to buy anything you need ID, you need a picture", Trump said at a rally Tuesday night in Florida. "But we are turning it around".

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