Colombian Drug Traffickers Put A $70000 Bounty On A Police Dog

This dog has made some powerful enemies

SCREENGRAB This dog has made some powerful enemies

A Colombian drug gang has placed a bounty of more than $93,000 on the head of a police sniffer dog who brought in up to 10 tonnes of the group's cocaine haul.

Six-year-old Sombra has made a string of important drug discoveries at airports and received a medal for her work on Colombia's Independence Day on July 20.

The German shepherd named Sombra discovered the cocaine, which the Gulf Clan had hidden in auto parts, at the airport of the city of Medellin. And she is so good at her job that drug dealers want her dead.

Sombra is transported between her kennel and the airport in a van with tinted windows and is usually accompanied by two armed guards. This is the place for dogs is considered safe because the airport is outside the influence of the mafia.

The gang's leader, Dario Antonio Usuga, or Otoniel, is one of Colombia's most wanted men.

Sombra's detective work is needed now more than ever as Colombia wrestles with soaring coca production that is testing traditionally close relations with the United States.

In 2012, the gang reportedly offered $500 to those who killed a police officer, and offered more if the cop worked for the country's counternarcotics force. Officers also credit her incredible nose with more than 245 drug-related arrests at two of Colombia's biggest global airports. Since her transfer to Bogota in January, the German shepherd has found thousands of pounds of the drug hidden in various boxes of wooden necklaces and sneakers. "Not only to look for caches of illicit drugs but also, after her work is done, to de-stress, so to speak".

The threat to Sombra's life was discovered via an intercepted phone call.

The Urabeños gang is considered the largest and most powerful in Colombia, and it's not unusual for them target people standing in their way.

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