Brewers' Josh Hader Apologizes After Old, Racist and Homophobic Tweets Emerge

MLB takes action after Brewers All-Star’s hateful tweets revealed

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Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader will be required to take sensitivity training and participate in the league's diversity and inclusion initiatives after tweets from his past emerged during Tuesday's All-Star Game.

While playing in Tuesday's annual Major League Baseball All-Star game, Twitter users retweeted a few of Hader's posts, which were originally posted on his account between 2011 and 2012 - less than two months before his 18th birthday, according to USA Today.

"During last night's game, we became aware of Mr. Hader's unacceptable social media comments in years past and have since been in communication with the Brewers regarding our shared concerns", Major League Baseball said in a statement. "As a child I was immature and I obviously said some things that were inexcusable", Hader told a group of about 15 reporters. "And like I said, it doesn't reflect any of my beliefs going on now".

According to ESPN, Lorenzo Cain, a black Brewers player who also made the National League All-Star team, called Hader a "great guy" and "a great teammate".

Hader said he was in high school at the time and still learning who he was. Hader said he did not "vividly" remember the tweets.

MLB Deputy Commissioner Dan Halem said he had talked to Hader, and the league is expected to issue a statement on the matter in the coming days. This mistake won't happen again'.

"Like I said before, I was young, immature and stupid, and there's no excuses for what was said and what happened". "And, like I said, it doesn't reflect any of my beliefs going on". Several tweets were movie quotes, and at least one of the cached tweets that included the n-word.

He added: "Being 17 years old you make stupid decisions and mistakes". Hader was removed from the game shortly after the home run, and that's when he found out about the tweets.

"We all said some insane stuff when we're young", Cain told reporters after the game.

"At the end of the day, you've got to give people a second chance", Cain said. 'I really don't know exactly what's all out there'.

"We move on from is what it is. I'm fine. Everybody will be OK". "All I can do is just live up to what happened and move on from it".

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