Trump Attacks CNN, NBC in Joint Press Conference With British Prime Minister

President Trump denied criticizing British Prime Minister Theresa May when taking questions from the press Friday, despite there being easily accessible audio of his scathing interview with British tabloid The Sun.

Earlier in June, when Trump held a news conference at the G-7 summit in Quebec, he told reporters during one exchange that he "came up with the term fake news" because many journalists who cover him are "very dishonest".

A day after another conflict between Donald Trump and CNN's Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, the network's "State of the Union" host Jake Tapper announced that the White House has cancelled his interview with National Security Adviser John Bolton. He then called on Fox News' John Roberts, saying, "Let's go to a real network". "I also used to work at CNN". He instead answered John Roberts from Fox News. "Let's go to a real network". Fox News reporter John Roberts addressed the incident, saying Trump's allegations were unfounded.

But there were also plenty of people who tweeted support for Sanders, calling Acosta "rude" and "unprofessional".

'Given that the president took a question from a CNN reporter in his North Atlantic Treaty Organisation news conference just a day earlier, maybe he was letting off steam today rather than expressing an official stance toward a news organization's ability to report, but saying a news organization isn't real doesn't change the facts and won't stop us from doing our jobs, ' she said.

Jeff Z. references CNN's president Jeff Zucker. When it became clear that the president wasn't going to entertain a question from him, I proceeded with my question, as did my fellow colleagues in the press corps.

'We appreciate The Sun for posting the entire audio of their interview so that everyone can hear the president's remarks for themselves, ' she added.

He argued that the president's attacks on CNN, his former employer, were wrong.

But a CNN spokesperson slammed Roberts' statement on Friday afternoon, arguing that his response to the criticism did not go far enough.

"Nice try", Matt Dornic, vice president of communications and digital partnerships, tweeted.

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