WashU Expert: Trump's Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade

“It's a Very Scary Time for Women”: Cecile Richards on Brett Kavanaugh and the Future of Roe v. Wade

Pence Cheers 'Pro-Life Administration' While Dodging Q's On Kavanaugh

The day after President Trump announced his nominee for the Supreme Court, Cynthia Nixon, a gubernatorial candidate for ny, immediately took a stand, attending a pro-choice rally in Union Square and sharing the story of her mother's own illegal abortion-all while holding up a wire coat hanger. Our film Roe V. Wade, of which I'm an Executive Producer, also highlights the truth about the hypocrisy behind the shroud that has hidden the misleading circumstances that have kept women and babies in bondage to the horrors of abortion for far too long.

At the same time, New Mexico is one of 10 states that makes abortion a crime under state law. "Gov. Cuomo is 100 percent focused on continuing to lead the fight against the Trump Administration and win the U.S. House and State Senate so we can keep families together, protect New Yorkers from Trump's disastrous tax plan, safeguard our state's environment and defend New Yorkers' civil rights - and no press release is going to change that".

Bernier: I want to play you some audio of Brett Kavanaugh talking about Roe v. Wade during his 2006 confirmation to the D.C. Circuit.

"Women must have the right to determine whether and when to have children".

At the same time, Myrick says, "there are 20 states where abortion would probably remain safe and legal". Well, no, he said one or two other things, but - so I'll be interested to see what happens.

A spokeswoman for the Senate Republicans, Candice Giove, answered Cuomo's charges, saying in a statement, that "Women's health issues deserve more than political stunts with stolen one-liners from 'The Apprentice.'" Giove says the Reproductive Health Act would allow non-doctors to perform abortions and also waters downs rights for pregnant women who are physically abused. Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer, both New York Democrats.

The Roe v. Wade decision has also played an important role in subsequent Supreme Court cases about regulations surrounding abortion rights. "I think the president made an outstanding nomination".

He derided the Supreme Court as a "rubber stamp for the president".

"Give him a seat on this court, and you can say goodbye to the measures in NY and CT and California that have helped save lives", Blumenthal added. "[Sen.] Dean Heller, R-Nev., is going to have to stand by his vote in November in a hugely pro-choice state, and [Sen.] Cory Gardner, R-Colo., [is] up in 2020".

If Roe v. Wade were to be overturned, under the Tenth Amendment, abortion rights would fall to the states to legislate.

However, once you're on the Supreme Court, you are not bound by previous decisions of the Supreme Court.

"She's obviously one of the so-called moderates", said demonstration leader Shoshanah Stone. Most states had strict bans. "Because we have nothing affirmative on the books, we really are at risk of either federal law or court cases that could roll back any protections we have by having an absence of law".

"What's very concerning is that you're hearing this narrative from the right that Roe is not on their agenda, but we firmly believe that this is not the case", said Middleton. If we're honest, which we have consistently tried to be here for two decades, his choices have been horrifyingly abysmal.

"This is why a lot of people voted for President Trump", Jeff Hunt, the Director of the conservative Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University, told Fox 31 Denver's Joe St. George after news of Kennedy's retirement broke.

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