Sony Pictures accidentally released full movie on YouTube instead of Trailer

Sony Uploads Entire Khali the Killer Movie Instead of the Trailer

Sony Uploads Entire Film to YouTube Rather Than Its Trailer

Some consider movie trailers to be too spoiler-y these days, but the latest one for Khali the Killer was the most spoiler-y of all time.

For those who were not active on YouTube during those 8 hours, fret not!

Sony Pictures Entertainment gave film fans an unexpected treat Tuesday, seemingly uploading an entire film to YouTube rather than the trailer.

The company meant to upload a trailer for its film "Khali the Killer" to its channel, but instead uploaded the entire one-and-a-half-hour movie. However, it wasn't a trailer at all, but the almost 90-minute-long movie.

"What if this is still just a trailer and the full film is actually 130 hours long?" said another. Whoopsie! It was then taken down and no official statement about the film - which released in Germany in 2017 and is looking at a select theatrical release in August 2018 - was made by Sony Pictures. For those of us who missed out, the film is also now available to rent on YouTube. Meanwhile, the movie is only available on the online streaming website Vudu, whereas HBO Go, Netflix, and Hulu don't offer it at the moment.

Khali the Killer is a low-budget film about a hitman in Los Angeles, which has been released in Europe and played at various film festivals without attracting much attention.

The movie was released on DVD previous year.

The film centres on a hit man, who after deciding to retire, takes on one last job to help support his ailing grandmother's end of life care.

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