Netflix may add an even more expensive 'Ultra' streaming tier

Netflix could soon announce some changes to its pricing schedule with the addition of a fourth plan

Netflix might be on the verge of launching its most expensive plan ever

However, a whole new Ultra tier priced above the current offering, syphoning some of the benefits from the Premium tear?

The online TV and movie service now offers three pricing tiers which range from £5.99 to £9.99. As per latest reports, the key highlights of the Ultra plan is that it supports HDR video and HD audio, and four screens can use the subscription simultaneously. Basic gives you access to SD resolution, Standard gives you access to HD resolution, and Premium covers 4K resolution and HDR.

Netflix currently offers three different subscription plans, but now it looks like the streaming service is testing a new tier.

The operator's prices have been slowly creeping up following a series of increases over the last two years.

A company spokesperson, Smita Saran, confirmed the testing of the new tier to CNet.

For €3 more than the Premium plan, Netflix Ultra delivers access to HDR content.

First reported by TuttoAndroid, a number of Netflix customers in Italy and Germany have discovered the fourth service tier, which ranges from 16.99 Euros per month to 19.99 Euros.

How much a month are you willing to pay for Netflix?

The new test won't be available for all Netflix subscribers in Europe and the streaming service might not even offer the new price points to more users.

The way Netflix is set up makes it easy for up to four people to share an account, and suddenly asking Premium subscribers to hand over more money so they can carry on watching at the same time is going to be about as popular as the Black Death. The company said that they are "testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix" and the option is only being shown to some European consumers.

Although the new Netflix Ultra plan is just being tested, it could also become an actual new tier if it's applied to everyone.

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