Samsung Phones Texting Users' Photos to Random Contacts

People reported the issue with Samsung Galaxy S9 and other newer models

People reported the issue with Samsung Galaxy S9 and other newer models

According to user reports, the problem stems from Samsung Messages, the default texting app on Galaxy devices, which (for reasons that haven't been determined), is erroneously sending pictures stored on the devices to random contacts via SMS ...

Samsung is now urging concerned customers to call its support lines directly.

As if the bug was not already bad enough, what's even worse is that any message sent unknowingly by the app will not show up in the sent folder as well.

Concerned users should ensure that Samsung Message does not have permission to access their phone's storage, which will prevent it from being able to send anything on the phone.

Redditors were quick to point out that most affected phones so far seem to be on T-Mobile, which has recently been upgrading users to the Google-backed RCS "advanced messaging".

One user wrote on Reddit that his Galaxy S9+ send his entire photo gallery to his girlfriend, while he was sleeping at night. Since several accounts said photos had been randomly sent to partners or family members, there is also speculation that the problem affects shared plans. One said: "Um, this is disturbing".

Another Redditor said: "Give me a spontaneously exploding phone any day of the week, Samsung, instead of this nightmare scenario".

The forums indicate that Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices are affected, but may not be the only ones afflicted with the bug.

Samsung tells Gizmodo they are aware of the reports and are looking into them, but has yet to come out with an official statement warning users of the bug. It may be related to a recent T-Mobile profile update to the new RCS text-messaging format.

Numerous incidents seem to be affecting phones with T-Mobile, a carrier that recently rolled out updates with their RCS "advanced messaging" service. The issue is from Samsung's end as T-Mobile has confirmed its not an issue from its end.

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