Kawhi Leonard Reportedly Wants to Leave San Antonio for the Lakers

Kawhi Leonard wants to be traded

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They will select 25th in next week's draft, a pick they got in a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

All of Leonard's nine appearances with the Spurs this season were prior to the All-Star break, none of them coming after January 13.

Trading Luis Scola to the Rockets and Boris Diaw to the Utah Jazz, neither of these trades contained players anywhere near the talent of Kawhi Leonard.

The Spurs might feel the time is right to rebuild once they see that James is in L.A. and decide to move on from Leonard, whose future presence would only serve as a distraction.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean Lakers fans should run out and buy purple and gold Leonard jerseys. ESPN reported in May that it began last summer when Leonard's quad injury lingered and he wanted to pursue new rehab methods.

Other than Sacramento and Memphis, there really only appears to be two other teams who might have an interest in moving back, and who wouldn't have to fall back too far if they are acquiring the Suns' 16th.

It's unclear if the Spurs will go ahead and try to trade him, or if the team will try to patch things up with the 2014 NBA Finals MVP and two-time NBA defensive player of the year. Leonard graduated from King High School in Riverside and had two standout seasons at San Diego State before the Spurs drafted him 15th overall in the 2011 draft.

Besides the grumblings, the idea that Leonard is a better overall player than Irving gives probable cause. Boston Celtics and New York Knicks, get on the phone with the Spurs and make it happen!

The NBA off-season is heating up and the draft is only a week away. Some claim that it was a dirty play, but nonetheless, Leonard was out for some time. Known for its humble players and no-frills basketball, the Spurs franchise will have to prepare for package deals in order to land young, talented players equal to Leonard's value. In that scenario, assuming James and George signed as free agents, Los Angeles would only have them, Leonard, and Deng under contract.

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