Amazon Prime Video to stream live Premier League matches and highlights

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Amazon has made it's much expected entry into the Premier League rights market Credit AFP

The big six clubs - Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham - managed to get the necessary 14 votes out of the 20 to agree that from 2019/20, any increase in the current worldwide rights package, will be distributed according to league position and not equally distributed between all 20 clubs as it has been up to now.

The remaining package of 20 matches has been secured by BT for a cost of £90 million (€102 million) meaning the telco has secured 52 games for a totalof £975 million over three years. The Verge notes that BT and Sky are paying the equivalent of about $12.5 million per game.

The grand 2019-2022 Premier League TV rights meat raffle is taking place today and the big news is that Amazon have come hulking into the mix by snaffling up one of the final two broadcast packages.

In addition Prime members can watch weekly highlights of all Premier Leagues games throughout the season. understands that the prospect of a global Premier League television deal could be discussed in the near future, with one rights holder owner working in partnership with the league to broadcast the matches around the world.

However, the deal adds to Amazon's burgeoning local sports rights portfolio, with the United Kingdom becoming a major focus.

Amazon memberships costs £79 annually - and they also offer a £7.99 a month package.

The amount Amazon paid to secure exclusive Premier League footage has yet to be disclosed.

Amazon Prime already broadcasts live sports, such as the US Open tennis and NFL American football.

The breakdown of that is that Sky Sports Entertainment with Sky Sports Premier League added costs £38 a month, plus a one-off cost of £20.

These packages were also the first time the Premier League made them available to livestream, rather than relying on traditional TV broadcasting.

Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore said: "Amazon is an exciting new partner for the Premier League and we are very pleased they have chosen to invest in these rights".

No doubt the organisation are excited about tapping into a network of 100 million Prime members worldwide - over ten times the number of subscribers to Sky, who have been experiencing falling viewership in their sports packages in recent years.

But the format of the Premier League's auction makes it easier for digital media companies to compete.

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