Tim Cook criticises tech companies over privacy but disagrees with regulation

An artist compiled various rumors about the 2018 iPhone into images including this one

Until this fall these artist's conceptions of the 2018 iPhone models are all there

Apple also showcased a new system that makes it more hard to gather information about users as they browse across the web.

Apple says that iOS 12 is created to make everyday tasks on iPhone and iPad faster and more responsive with performance improvements across the system.

Facebook has said it disagrees with the report but the claims have raised new questions around online data privacy.

The new Screen Time feature was recently unveiled by Apple at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018.

Enhanced privacy was part of a slew of improvements touted by Apple to developers, whose creations are key to the popularity of iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.

Screen Time also allows users to see which apps they spend the most time on, the number of notifications they receive and how often they pick up their device and remain glued to their screen.

The move comes as the tech industry faces criticism that it has successfully made its smartphones and apps addictive with little thought for how people's lives may be negatively affected by the distraction of constantly checking their devices. Many Apple iPhone X users have been complaining that Face ID's single face support is limiting.

The new tools will be available with iOS 12 this fall (between September and December), said Apple.

'We're focused on the practice of tracking people when they don't know they're being tracked, ' Cook explained.

Our phones are the most used gadgets that we have around and we have a tendency to use apps for an extended amount of time.

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about his own habits at an Apple developers conference this week.

"The App Store has fundamentally changed the way we live". Apple's software updates have become more and more demanding on older devices as newer devices are built with technology that's able to handle them. Some analysts remained unimpressed, saying Apple is lagging rivals in key areas like artificial intelligence as the smartphone market matures.

That means Federighi's reluctance to bring touch to Macs is a symptom of Microsoft's failing - if the Windows 10 touch experience was better competition would force Apple to act even if they had philosophical issues with the idea.

"If Apple has major improvements to Siri in its labs, it did not show them off today".

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