Face ID can recognize more than one face in iOS 12

Apple iOS 12

YOUSSEF SARHANApple iOS 12 looks set to be revealed later today

"We've all seen these like buttons and share buttons", Apple software VP Craig Federighi said at the company's annual developer conference. It requires an iPhone 5s or newer on the phone side.

This file format will also work throughout iOS 12 in apps such as Safari, Mail, Messages, and the Files app. The latest notification-related Android feature to surface in iOS? It is touted to be much faster than iOS 11 with 40% faster app launch, 70% faster camera, 50% faster keyboard, and huge optimizations under heavy load thanks to clever CPU boosts.

That's because two big features are coming to iOS 12: tongue detection on Animoji and personalized Memoji. Have they been worth more than £3,000 per year of operation? You can now move from a group chat to a FaceTime video call just by clicking connect. You can now search for your favourite channels, news sources, and more.

Another improved aspect is the Photos app which gets an extra "For You" tab.

As people speak, they are presented as tiles.

Apple loves, loves, boasting about how it supports older iPhones and iPads with new versions of iOS. For example, you can say "Heading home" to Siri, and have the assistant provide your ETA, send a text to your babysitter, set your thermometer to the desired temperature, and begin playing your favorite radio station in the auto.

Redesigned product pages: When you view an app's product page, you'll be able to view its current rank, whether or not it's charting, and if it's been named an Editor's Choice.

Apple also intends to crack down on data companies' ability to identify specific devices by creating a unique fingerprint based on a device's settings, installed fonts and plug-ins. For instance, if you're running late for a meeting she will prompt you to text the organizer; if you're going to a movie she will remind you to turn on Do Not Disturb; if it's your grandma's birthday she will remind you to call her.

The embedded apps are also improved. This means you can finally use Google Maps, Waze and other apps on your dashboard screen when your iPhone is connected in the auto.

In 2017, Apple added a "Do Not Track", feature to the macOS system, adding a request to the website not to track you, "but it's up to the website to honour this request", Apple says on its website. It will now have support for audio books. The display can also be set to dim automatically just before bedtime. DND is also easy to activate in various forms from the Control Center. A new feature called Screen Time will give you insights into how you are using your phone.

Users can then set time usage limits per app, giving them a notification if they reach a daily time usage limit.

These are all developed to help reduce users screen time. Apple is also launching a new Shortcuts app that lets users create their own Siri commands. Its description is a bit unclear - "In addition to continuously learning how you look, Face ID can recognize an alternative appearance." - but the folks over at 9to5Mac have confirmed that it allows a second face to be used to unlock an iPhone X. FaceTime will now also be able to host Animoji and Memoji.

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