Zuckerberg has agreed to speak at the European Parliament

Christopher Wylie the whistleblower who revealed Cambridge Analytica breached the data of 87 million Facebook users said the company shared the information with Russia. Wylie testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower warns of 'new Cold War' online

"More than 6 million people completed the tests on the myPersonality app and almost half agreed to share data from their Facebook profiles with the project", said the report.

On Tuesday, the New York Times reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice are investigating Cambridge Analytica for potential criminal violations.

The world's largest social network has come under scrutiny over the way it handles personal data after revelations that British consultancy Cambridge Analytica improperly accessed the Facebook data of 87 million users.

Wylie, you might recall, was the research director who spilled secrets about the firm's improper harvesting of Facebook user data.

Six million people are thought to have completed tests set by the myPersonality Facebook app, with nearly half agreeing to share details from their Facebook profiles with the understanding that data collected would be distributed "in an anonymous manner such that the information can not be traced back to the individual user".

Facebook has come under enormous scrutiny over how it protects personal data after Cambridge Analytica, a Donald Trump campaign-linked political consultancy, gained improper access to the personal information of up to 87 million people.

Wylie also claimed that Stephen Bannon Cambridge Analytica's former vice president  wanted to use information to fight a'culture war

Today's hearing, titled "Cambridge Analytica and the Future of Data Privacy", will be his first public appearance before U.S. lawmakers. Facebook has so far suspended 200 applications that could be engaged with information gathering in this way.

Facebook said on Monday it has suspended "around 200" apps on its platform as part of an investigation into misuse of private user data.

"There is a lot more work to be done to find all the apps that may have misused people's Facebook data - and it will take time", Mr. Archibong said. Europeans interested in the use of these data during the USA presidential election in 2016 and during the referendum on the United Kingdom exit from the EU, to influence the citizens ' choice.

Zuckerberg first explained what went wrong with the company's privacy terms during a joint Committee meeting of the US Senate in April. This gave Cambridge access to tens of millions of voters' data.

Mark Zuckerberg has "no plans" to appear before United Kingdom parliament to give evidence about the Cambridge Analytica scandal, despite MP's threat of formal summons.

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