US Open Champion Lucas Glover's Wife Arrested for Domestic Violence

Johns County Florida Sheriff's Office shows Krista Glover the wife of former U.S. Open champion Lucas Glover. She was arrested on charges related to domestic violence during the weekend

EXCLUSIVE: Golfer Lucas Glover's wife is arrested after 'attacking' him and calling him a 'p***y' and a 'loser' after he played a poor round at PGA Players Championship

The wife of former U.S. Open champion Lucas Glover made the first call to 911 and claimed she was attacked by her mother-in-law, according to a tape of the call released Wednesday that provided another freakish twist in the wife's arrest on a domestic violence charge. When asked how she was attacked, Glover's wife hung up and Glover answered when 911 called back.

2009 US Open victor Lucas Glover was allegedly attacked by his wife on Saturday in their rental home near TPC Sawgrass after he missed the secondary cut.

We can already see you all seething at this incident as you get ready to explode after thinking about all of the recent incidents when Black people were assaulted for doing nothing but being Black.

Lucas Glover came on the phone later to say that his wife was lying, and that she, in fact, was the one causing a ruckus.

The golfer told officers that when he doesn't play well at PGA Tour events, his wife often gets angry. She was reportedly released on $2,500 bond on Sunday.

Krista was not co-operating with the arrest and apparently attempted to wrap her legs around the police auto door and was then kicking the door once in the vehicle.

And to complete the trifecta of abominable behavior, Krista made a scene when authorities tried to get her into the police auto.

After Krista was arrested, Lucas allegedly started to change his previous statement, as well as Krista's dad, who also was at the scene, according to the report. "Lucas advised Krista to stop the argument, while in front of the kids".

The police report alleges the Mrs Conley Glover attacked the 2009 US Open champion and his mother and that he said became abusive "every time he plays poorly in a tournament".

"Everyone is fine", Glover wrote on Twitter.

"Regrettably, although Krista was charged, we are comfortable that the judicial system is able to address what actually happened", the statement said in part.

Lucas Glover is a 6-foot 2-inch, 195-pound professional golfer from Greenville, South Carolina.

We've reached out to the PGA for comment, but the tour told the Associated Press: "We are aware of the situation and Lucas informed us of his statement, which has since been posted to his Twitter account".

Lucas Glover is originally from, SC and attended Clemson University. They have a 6-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy. In addition to the 2009 U.S. Open Championship, Glover won the 2005 Funai Classic at the Walt Disney World resort and the 2011 Wells Fargo Championship.

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