US Officer Shoots Student Who Opens Fire at School

'Things could have gone much worse': Former student is shot by officer during gunfire exchange at Dixon High School

BREAKING: Sauk Valley Media reports Dixon shooter is former student Matt Milby

A police officer confronted and injured an armed man at an IL high school Wednesday morning, a city official said, adding that no students or staff were injured in the incident. He says relationships built between law enforcement, emergency responders and the district were live-saving Wednesday. The shooter fired at the officer several times. More schools need an armed resource officer and more massacres can be prevented.

Officials are not confirming the identity of the suspect, but multiple sources tell Sauk Valley News that the shooter is Matt Milby, a former student who was recently expelled from the school.

The suspect is now in custody.

The shooter was arrested near the school and is now receiving medical attention for what investigators believe are non life-threatening injuries. Dixon is located about 100 miles west of Chicago.

No students, staff or other members of the community were injured during the episode, Howell said.

Dixon High School remains on lockdown.

"While removing students from the various classrooms, responding officers found the staff [and] students had barricaded the doors to the classrooms with desks, bookcases and other objects", Howell said.

Howell commended the quick response of the school resource office for his fast response. The school's resource officer pursued the suspect who fired back toward the officer. "We are forever indebted to his bravery".

Howell, Jr., said the names of the suspect and the school resource officer are not being released yet.

"I cannot tell you that in an incident like this how critical that is". Then he added: "However, it could have been a lot worse". The high school remains the only school on lockdown.

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